Why So Many People Choose Plantation Shutters For Their Home

Walking past a beautiful two-story home that has shutters on the outside of the windows is one of the more beautiful things that you can see in any neighborhood. If you were to imagine all of those windows without the shutters on the outside, or actually see them taken off, you would realize how important these are for homes today. Originally designed to offer protection from wind and storms, protecting the glass from breaking, they are now more of a decorative item, though they can serve both purposes, and the type of shutters that you use can enhance, or detract from, the overall outward appearance. One very popular type of shutter which was first introduced from the Spanish, something that the people in the southern United States decided to use our plantation shutters, originally used in America on plantations throughout that region, and are still very popular on homes all over the country.

What Is A Plantation Shutter

A plantation shutter is something that is a little more decorative than a regular shutter, created as a set with multiple full-length vertical panels. It is actually divided into four separate parts. The first part are called the slats, also called rails, which are at the bottom to the top of the shutter. The second part are called the stiles, the sides of the shutter, which is what completes the entire frame and works with the top and bottom slats to hold the frame together. The third part are the louvers, parallel slats which can be tilted to allow more or less light in. There can be several of them, made in different shapes and sizes. Finally, there is the tilt rod mechanism which is what controls the louvers, allowing them to go up and down.

Different Types Of Tilt Rods

There are several different types of tilt rods, different mechanisms that are used, in order to move the louvers. The first type is called a single tilt rod which is simply a vertical rod which, when moved up and down, also moves every single louver simultaneously. The second type is a split tilt rod which is essentially multiple rods that moves different portions of the louvers on the shutters. If you think of regular blinds made of plastic or wood, where some of them move, and some of them don’t, this is the same type of mechanism. Finally, there are hidden tilt rods which are behind the shutter panel itself. This way, they are not visible, which some people find unattractive, yet allows full mobility of the louvers.

How Did Plantation Shutter Start?

These actually began centuries ago, going back to ancient Greece. These slats or louvers were not made with wood, plastic or PVC, but actually from large marble slabs. The goal was to protect certain areas from insects or animals that could come into the windows. When the shutters were open, light and air could come in, and when they were closed, it would provide protection for those inside the home. This was obviously modified over time, moving away from heavy rock to using wood instead. Going back to the many Southern homes a couple hundred years ago, the old South is where these began in America. The reason they are called plantation shutters is because that’s where they were used primarily. There were many plantations in the South, and these blinds of sorts were used on their windows to provide shade, protection, and aesthetic beauty.

Plantation Shutters Today

When you buy plantation shutters today, they can come in many different shapes and sizes. The materials can vary from different types of hardwood to plastic, and also vinyl and PVC. Very popular ones include fauxwood shutters, those that are made from PVC. They are cheap to produce, and you can make them look identical to what shutters that are available for a much higher price, giving people the choices that they may need. So whether you decide to go with economy wood, Cartwright wood, or Norman wood plantation shutters, just make sure that it matches your inner decor to enhance the interior of your home so that this will be money well spent, and something that you will admire and enjoy.

Now that you know the difference between the many other types of shutters, and the origins of those that started in Greece so long ago, you can now see why they are popular, based upon their design and usability, coming in many different styles, colors and materials. The best part of all, they are all fully adjustable, whether you decide to purchase them with a single, split or hidden tilt rod, you will be able to let as much light in as you want, have the privacy that you deserve, and add extra style to every room that they are in.